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The Bold and Captivating Bolero

Bolero first originated in Spain in the late 18th century, with inspiration from the Contradanza and Seillana, two other popular dances. There is also Cuban Bolero which originated in the late 19th century, with separate origins to the Spanish Bolero. The style of Bolero music is similar to that of the Rumba, and is a staple of musical production in Cuba and Latin America. The Bolero dance is a fusion of Rumba, Waltz, and Tango dance styles. Bolero is a deeply passionate and romantic dance style, and demonstrates a strong connection between dance partners.


The Bolero dance frame has similarities to the Argentine Tango, and resembles a close embrace. There are large, gliding movements, which is not typical of other Latin dances. The music of Bolero is mostly written in 4/4 time, and the dance is counted as slow-quick-quick.

Popular Bolero Music

Luna – Alessandro Safina
Cenizas – Jose Feliciano
Why – Annie Lennox

Related Dances

Dancing with the Stars Tango


Tango lends its dramatic and sharp styling to the Bolero. These two dances are great for developing a sense of musical expression.

Rumba Dance Classes in Simcoe


Rumba shows much resemblance to Bolero, but the music of Rumba is often a faster tempo. Bolero uses some of the Rumba patterns.

Dancing With The Stars Waltz


Bolero gets its gliding and graceful movement from the Waltz. Though Bolero does not travel, it uses large side steps like the Waltz.

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