Paso Doble Lessons Barrie

The Bold and Dramatic Paso Doble

The origin of Paso Doble dates back to a French military march called Paso Redoble. This Latin American dance is modeled after the Spanish and Portuguese bullfight. The leader plays the role of the matador, and the follower plays the part of the matador’s cape, but can also represent the shadow of the matador, as well as the bull or a flamenco dancer. Because this dance requires choreography to create a proper presentation of the dance, it is mainly danced competitively, and rarely as a social dance.


The Paso Doble has a stage-like appearance, suitable mainly for presentation or competition. It requires a high level of character and styling, and uses many advanced dance positions and patterns. The music of Paso Doble is quite fast, and is written in 2/4 time. The dance is counted as 1.2, 3.4, 5.6, 7.8.

Popular Paso Doble Music

Guitarra Española – Los Melódicos
Espana – Cani Prandi
Matador Paso – Andy Fortuna

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