How to Ballroom Dance

In freestyle social dancing, both men and women are spontaneously open to the infinite possibilities of the moment, responding to one’s partner and to the music. —Richard Powers
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Salsa, Merengue, Bachata, Swing, Jive, Argentine Tango, WaltzBallroom & Latin Dance Styles

Social dancing is about adapting to the situation at hand, and dancing to reflect the music. That is why we offer many different styles of dance that will allow anyone to dance anywhere they find music! Learn more about the different styles of Ballroom and Latin dancing in Barrie.

Dance Styles


Dance Teachers BarrieThe Benefits of Social Dancing

Dancing is a lot of fun, we know that much. Learning how to dance can do wonders for the mind and body! Dancing is proven to reduce stress, improve posture and health, help manage weight, and much more!

Why Social Dance

Latin Dancing (Click Here)

Latin dancing is often referred to as Salsa dancing, but it goes further than Salsa. Latin dancing is about passion, romance, and rhythm. It is also a favorite social activity of many people worldwide!

Ballroom Dancing (Click Here)

Ballroom dancing is a classical dance form, originating with the Waltz. Ballroom dances are characterized by travelling patterns, and develop the core skills of a dancer by learning how to lead or follow one’s partner.

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About Dance Classes in BarrieFAQ About Dance

Here are a few common questions about learning how to dance. Answers are supplemented with links to other pages that will help you learn more about taking adult dance classes in Barrie.

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How to Ballroom DanceDance Etiquette

Dancing is an elegant activity / sport, and there are a few common practices for sustaining an enjoyable dance atmosphere. Also, see our suggested Dress Code for Ballroom & Latin dance classes.

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