The Most Romantic Date Night For Couples of All Ages!

With the busy lives we lead, we often miss out on spending time with our significant other. It’s time to rekindle that romance with Latin and Ballroom dance lessons, located just ten minutes outside Barrie. A passionate way to spend time with the person you love, being in each others arms. Learn how to dance, share moments of joy and create valuable memories that will stay with you forever! Learning social dancing builds couples’ communication skills, and creates a positive environment to relieve stress.

Learning how to Ballroom dance is a fun experience, and thanks to Lakeside Dance’s advanced method of teaching, learning is made easy for everyone! No experience necessary. We offer private dance lessons for couples in Innisfil. Try dancing, sign up for our Intro Offer for Social Dance Classes today!

Adults learning how to dance salsa

Why Social Dance?

Dinner and dancing is the most desired romantic date, but we tend to skip the second part, dancing. Don’t miss out on learning how to dance! It’s fun, and easy!

Start Ballroom Dancing near Barrie Today

An exciting date night is waiting for you. Make the move! Try social dancing in Innisfil with our Intro Offer on private dance lessons!

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